What is Himalayan Rock Salt?

What is Himalayan Rock Salt?

Himalayan Rock Salt Salt, pink in colour and enriched in minerals, originates from deposits of primal sea water, formed during the Jurassic Era and has also been preserved and kept pure for over 250 million years.  Shielded from impurities and pollutants, this rare and extraordinary salt is manually harvested from the ancient sea salt deposits in the Himalayan Mountains, where the salt from the ancient ocean was pushed towards the northern part of the Himalayan mountain range into a high plateau and was compacted with magma fluids, originating from deep within the earth. These mineral infiltrations enrich the salt and provide it with unique characteristics, identified by its Himalayan origin, especially the amazing pink color, caused by the high natural iron content.


This pure and premium (free from impurities, pollutants, chemicals, colouring or preservatives)   salt is hand-harvested, washed in pure water and Sun dried. The rare crystalline structure with 84 trace minerals that are essential for human health, improves the health condition.

Evidence from ancient books about Himalayan Rock Salt

Himalayan Rock Salt is one of the 5 types salt used in Ayurvedic Medicine known as Saindhava. Below are the applications from one of the ancient books about Ayurvedha which is known as "Charaka Samitā". 



Himalayan Rock Salt Vs. Common Sea Salt

XRD Reports (X-Ray Diffraction) of the samples of Himalayan Rock Salt and Common Sea Salt, obtained from the Atomic Energy Authority of Sri Lanka show that both salts contain same mineral pattern but  Potassium being the main electrolytes, essential to the Human Body is present only  in Himalayan Rock Salt.

Crystalline structures of different salt types

Image source : Water & Salt - The Essence of Life by Dr. med. Barbara Hendel / Peter  Ferreira


Why you need to use Himalayan Rock Salt

Due to industrialization and human activities, sea water has been polluted with Plastics, Garbage, oil, factory wastes, heavy metals etc. (UNESCO - Facts on Marine Pollution).

As a result, micro plastics and heavy metals, harmful to the human body, have been entered into the food chain through marine life, when consuming sea fish and also using sea Salt, manufactured with polluted sea water. Since Himalayan Rock Salt has been originated from primal sea water deposits, millions of years ago, the purity of this salt is beyond questioning.


Importance of Minerals for the Human Body?

For a healthy life, salt is essential to maintain the extracellular and intracellular fluid balance. This salt has been enriched with minerals like Potassium, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Chromium, Selenium and Vanadium. Due to the lack of necessary minerals in daily food as a composition, the rate of Non-Communicable Diseases has been increased to 85% locally and internationally, creating a generation under medication. By using Himalayan Rock Salt, the mineral deficiencies of daily food intake can be avoided for  leading a healthy life.

(Micro Nutrient malnutrition has been well-identified in WHO Report, “GUIDELINES ON FOOD FORTIFICATION WITH MICRONUTIRENTS")

These are the benefits of having proper mineral balance in your body?

  • Controlling the body water level
  • Promoting stable pH balance in the body
  • Encouraging excellent Blood sugar health
  • Reducing the common signs of aging
  • Promoting cellular hydroelectric energy creation
  • Aiding vascular health
  • Lowering incidence of sinus problems
  • Increasing bone strength
  • Naturally promoting healthy sleep patterns
  • Increasing the immunity
  • Normalize blood pressure
  • Increase blood circulation and conductivity
  • Dissolve and eliminate sediments that lead to stones and hardening (rheumatism, osteoporosis, gout, kidney and gall bladder stones)
  • Resolve skin diseases by cleaning from inside out
  • Decrease craving or addictive desires
  • Prevent digestive disorders and muscle cramps
  • Help dental hygiene, dry cough, sore throat and
  • chronic respiratory disorders
  • Prevent foot fungus
  • Eliminate psoriasis and acne problems


  1. Mix 1/4 tea spoon of Himalayan Salt to a glass of filtered water (250ml-300ml) and drink first thing in the morning after waking up.

    Additional : Add few drops of fresh lime juice which would help to absorb minerals faster.

    NOTE: If you are under medications, if you have any known health conditions, please use upon medical advice from your doctor.

Also there are different applications of Himalayan Pink Salt such as for cosmetic purposes, medicinal purposes, as a bath salt, etc. More uses about Himalayan Pink Salt can be found on the internet.

All these information are gathered through various sources and we share them to educate people.


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