About Us

We specialize in importation of all kinds of Himalayan Rock Salt products. Our products are 100% genuine, organic and premium quality.

Our journey in Himalayan Rock Salt began in 2010, during a visit to Malaysia where we got to know this amazing Salt they used for therapeutic purposes for diabetic patients. With this understanding, it we were compelled to study further about this amazing salt.

Studying articles and books about Himalayan Rock Salt and benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt gave an in-depth understanding about Himalayan Rock Salt, and also about the Minerals, Human body chemistry, effects and the need of different minerals for maintaining a healthy body.

After a thorough research and studies, the company was stablished in 2014 for introducing this amazing Himalayan Rock Salt to Sri Lanka which is already a popular product in many developed countries. We are the first company in Sri Lanka to bulk import Himalayan Rock Salt through proper channel.

In 2017, our pilot project was initiated and introduced Himalayan Rock Salt to Sri Lankan market. Since the beginning of this wonderful journey several newspaper articles were published to educate regarding the benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt and importance of Minerals to human body to educate the need of Minerals and Himalayan Rock Salt to human body. The Pilot project was a success, the people got the awareness about the benefits and experienced the results after starting to use Himalayan Rock Salt.

Edible Himalayan Rock Salt is one product out of a wide range of Himalayan Rock Salt products. in 2018, diversified our products by introducing Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps to Sri Lankan market which come in various shapes and colors such as pink, white, maroon, grey.

In 2019, we have expanded our facilities to cater the demand for this amazing Salt. We have partnered up with many outlets in Colombo district for selling Himalayan Rock Salt products, also we have partnered up with an island wide courier service to provide and we are able to provide all Himalayan Rock Salt products to anywhere in Sri Lanka within 2-3 working days.

And 2020 will be a game changing year for us, as we are Launching new product series and we are very much excited to introduce them to Sri Lankan Market. While extending our gratitude for entrusting our products for the past years, we promise to continue providing better service and products in the future.

We wish you Good Health and Happiness