Lime Pickle with Himalayan Pink Salt

  • 11 October, 2020
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Our Lime Pickle with Himalayan Pink Salt product is a Home Made product.

We have not added any chemicals or preservatives.

Ingredients : Fresh Lime & Himalayan Pink Salt

All these photos are taken by during the process of making our mouth watering Lime Pickles.

We make these at home. So we have only a limited stock per each batch. Place your order soon before it runs out!!!

Fresh Lime cut into 4, mixed with Himalayan Pink Salt and kept in Direct Sunlight for few days.

After sun-drying for few days the Limes look like this

Lime Juice being kept in Sunlight for 1-2 days to make the syrup for Lime Pickles.

After days in Sunlight, the Limes look like this. They are ready to be mixed

with the Lime juice Syrup we made before.

So yummy! Isn't it Mouth Watering????

Aaaaaand it's ready to eat!!!